Shaped Painting

I chose shaped painting as one of my material projects. During this project, I have learnt painting skills and have been inducted to use machines such as the band saw, the sander and the pillar drill.

To begin, I chose a ram skull because the horns bend and twist which was perfect for this project. This is a photograph of my visual research to help me understand the shapes of a ram skull.

I drew the outline onto a thin wooden board ready to be cut on the band saw. Once cut, I sanded the sides down and primed the board. Next, I began under painting the board in green to help the layers of paint stand out much more.

Then, I started to add the translucent layers of paint to the horns and skull and used techniques like ‘dry brush’ to create effects that still allowed the green to peep through. details-and-more-translucent-layers

The photograph below shows the painting almost complete.almost-finished

Just as I was finishing the painting, I decided the painting looked lost. I wanted to add a background that complimented the painting and give it more depth. I used thick cardboard to cut out the layer that would go behind the skull. cardboard

The colour purple was used to show off the vibrant colours of the green’s and yellow’s used in the painting. I think adding the background has worked successfully and makes the overall painting better as it ties it all in, putting the viewers focus on the skull. 11

Ellsworth Kelly was one of the artists I researched during this project. His work is very simple yet striking.

I especially like ‘Red Relief over Dark Blue (2004)’.  I think the colours are eye catching and the shape is interesting as it isn’t a just a square. Hekere Ellsworth Kelly stands infront of his piece of work. As you can see, the work is fairly large.


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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