Library Research Week: Final Outcomes

I researched many artists such as Damien Hirst and Georgia O’Keeffe however, my work was inspired by Martha Rosler and Frida Kahlo.


I created curtains myself using oil pastels. I tried making curtains from paper cuttings, however, did not think it worked very well. I used the woman with her shopping bags to highlight that we as a nation take for granted that Army members give up privileges for us to have ‘normal’ lives. I wanted to emphasise this by the woman looking away from the man.

The next collage was inspired by Donald Trump. I wanted to create a TV using paper cuttings with people who Trump has offended. I used images of Trump and Trump supporters to put inside the ‘TV’. I found images of Muslims, Women, Mexicans and Black people. I think the collage will be a piece that can always be worked on and added to. The people on the collage are just a tiny fraction of people Trump has spoken offensively about.


I think the Trump collage is quite comedic in a sense, the TV and himself with supporters is a strange way of showing the insult he has caused, it isn’t clear what the collage meaning is but everybody instantly knows who Donald Trump is and that he is quite controversial. I think it is hard to understand the meaning of Outside Inside here. I just wanted to show from the people who he has offended, they feel quite unwelcome, like an outsider.


This is the second piece of work. It wasn’t initially going to be my final piece and the paper it is on is very scrappy. I painted a part of my face and took out a section of scalp to expose the brain. I used acrylic paint and embroidery thread to create the piece of work. I painted different thoughts and feelings and decided on a colour they make me feel. For example, thinking about being happy, makes me think of a bright yellow. If I think of being angry, I associate a very dark colour. The different thoughts on the paper connect to the brain by embroidered thread.

It reminds of the school biology posters with the labels coming off the anatomy explaining what it is. I feel the thoughts and feelings around the page are like a parody of a biology poster.

I feel the painting is not correctly proportioned, which is something to improve. I also think I should have taken more pride and used a better piece of paper as the piece I used is very scruffy. The way the words are displayed could be much better too.


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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