Punk: Gender and Ideology

This week was based on the Punk subculture again, looking at gender, especially women. We looked at ‘O’Brien, L, 1999, The Woman Punk Made Me’ to paraphrase important quotes from the passage.

  • After punk started, a fight started between gender equality
  • Sexism towards women
  • Men and women were not equal. Men were more dominant on the street, women did not try to fight back
  • Punk became a place for the conversations between sexual equality
  • Punk challenged the norms of society, it questioned gender equality

O’Brien identifies the problems women had during Punk scene. They were not always liberated.

Summary of a Punk Woman

  • Short spikes hair, mowhawk- very sharp looking, harsh. Breaks rules of hair, not feminine, looks aggressive
  • Dyed hair- very unnatural look, again breaking the rules of beauty
  • Make up- abstract and unnatural
  • Clothing often ripped, often with swear words, symbols, e.g. swastika. Implies anger
  • Jewellery- necklaces suggests feminism, however, chains and safety pins used in clothing and as jewellery. Changing meanings of objects
  • Studded leather jacket- spikes suggest aggression and threatens

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 22.28.54.png


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