Material Projects and Outside Inside

What have a learnt during the Material Projects?

Material Project 1: Shaped Painting

In the Shaped Painting project I learnt that if a painting has a lot of background, it doesn’t need to be filled with something that does not need to be there.

Final outcome of material project one, called, ‘The Ram Skull’

How does this link to my Outside Inside project?

The ram skull links to my Outside Inside project as I am thinking of looking at the many layers of the body, both human and animal, such as the external features of the body, skeleton and muscular system.

Material Project 2: You and Me

‘You and Me’ taught me that a self portrait does not need to be a portrait of a face, it can be of anything that you associate with yourself. Artists like Petra Cortright, Joseph Beuys and Cindy Sherman inspired my work. The two images that I produced are shown below.

How does this link to my Outside Inside project?

These pieces of work are difficult to link to the outside inside project. ‘Brown coat’ links to how I look on the outside, it shows me. I wanted to look at my identity as an art student as I feel there’s a stereotype of what an art student is supposed to look like. People are often shocked at how I dress when I tell them I do fine art, I think the typical stereotype is to be covered in paint and to have rainbow coloured hair. ‘Many faces’ explores different faces and personalities by using a very low tech method.

Material Project 3: Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, September

‘Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, September’ has shown me artists books, which I didn’t know existed. They have really excited me and has made me want to create work in this format again.

Flower Chain

How does this link to my Outside Inside project?

This links to my outside inside project as I am looking at plants. Plants from different locations and using them to create an artists book. The plants on the front cover are actual plants. Plants being taken inside, in a different environment where they will eventually die, was the element I tried to get across.


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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