Material Project Artists

This post reflects on my favourite artists I looked at during my material projects.

Shaped Painting- Georgia O’Keeffe (1887- 1986)

I looked at Georgia O’Keeffe for inspiration during the shaped painting project. O’Keeffe is known for her paintings of distinct flowers, cityscapes, landscapes and bones against stark deserts. She also painted flowers so enlarged on the canvas they became abstract, often thought to show a female’s private area.

‘Rams Head with Hollyhock’, 1935, is the painting I came across that inspired me to create the ram shaped painting. The light highlights and shadows are captured in O’Keeffe’s paintings, this was something I aimed to achieve in my painting.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 21.43.42.png

Ram skulls feature in more of O’Keeffe’s paintings, for example, ‘rams head, blue morning glory’, 1938, and ‘rams skull with brown leaves’.


Me and You- Tracy Emin (1963- )

Tracey Emin was my favourite artist I looked at during the Me and You material project. I learnt in this project that a self portrait does not have to feature your face and that it could be of anything that defines you. Tracey Emin was a perfect example, this is shown in the artwork, My Bed, 1998. ‘My bed’ shows how Emin spent her life after a nervous breakdown. The bed is not made and un- tidy with cigarettes, empty bottles and dirty underwear thrown around the carpet. Emin allows the viewer to share an intimacy with her as they look at this emotional time during her life.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 22.11.52.png
My Bed, 1998, Tracey Emin

Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, September- Noelle Griffiths

Noelle Griffiths creates paintings and one off artists books inspired by places she works and travels. I really liked her artists books as they were designed with flowers, plants and trees. They also feature a lot of text which is something I liked and wanted to add to my journal/ artists book. The books contain a lot of hand drawn images. The artists books by Griffiths have unusual ways of opening and closing, not like a normal book. Griffiths was an important artist for me to look at for the third material project. For example, Box Books, made in 2001.







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