Jenny Saville

Jenny Saville is a contemporary British painter born 7 May, 1970. She is most well known for her large- scale painted depictions of nude women. Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 17.24.10.png

Saville’s is very controversial and shows the body for what it is. Saville doesn’t paint the body to look beautiful, it looks very ugly. The painting is true. My favourite type of artist movement is realism, and this is like a modern realism painting style of the human body. I also love life drawing which is the subject for most of the paintings by the artist.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 17.50.13.png
Branded, 1992, Jenny Saville

An example of Jenny Saville’s work is this painting called Branded, 1992. The subject of this painting is a naked woman, who is painted very true as the model is not painted to be made skinnier or to look desirable. The pose is also very unattractive as the model grabs her stomach and looks at the viewer. The colours are realistic and the shadowing really enhances the curves of the females body. There are words faintly wrote over the models body, for example, ‘support’ and ‘delicate’. This is her way of showing the difference between her own body and what the social expectations of what people think a woman’s body should look like today. Saville is showing the viewer a body that is the complete opposite of a body you would find in a fashion magazine.

Plan, 1993, Jenny Saville

Plan, created 1993 by Jenny Saville. The angle is not very attractive of the woman. The composition is centred, the exploit image also grabs the attention I think. There are lines drawn all over the body that curves around with the natural shape of the female body, the lines imply a plan, the title of the work further suggests this. The colours of the painting are quite dull and gloomy but very realistic.

I love Saville’s work because it makes the viewer question their own expectations about the body as she confronts them with the reality of an imperfect body. The work is important to me as it features the human body, something I am thinking of using in my outside inside project.





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