Outside Inside- Most Developed Piece

The most developed piece for outside inside is my idea about the brain. The Library Research week inspired me to create a painting of an exposed brain with feelings attached to a certain colour.img_0917

I want to use this idea, however create an installation. It will be large brain that will be suspended from the ceiling. It will have a hole at the bottom for a person to be able to go inside the brain. I want to show that from the outside it could be anybody’s brain, male or female. When the person steps up inside and looks around it will show what is in my brain.

16106980_10202835132754979_1192038559_o.jpgI want to add lots of coloured lights to portray the different feelings, yellow lights for happy, green lights for envy and so on, like the painting shown above.


I also want to portray memories. I think I will do this by using my iPad and play a film on loop of videos, such as holidays, celebrations, baby videos. I want the person stood in the brain to experience my memories with me.


I want to add another element into the brain. I’m not sure what yet, however, I am going to research the brain and the different aspects of it. Right now, I am thinking of using movement but I’m unsure how I will show this.

I have bought this false brain to have a good idea at all times if I’m in my studio. I think I will definitely look at animal brains to get an idea of the textures but this is a good way to look at the basic brain shape.


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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