Field: Group work 2

As part of the first week of field, the group had to create an installation to present to the class. My group used bananas as the main theme in our project. We decided to continue this and create a piece using bananas. The last theme we used in our presentation was quite dark and had a deep meaning, for example rape and mental illness.

For this presentation, we wanted to portray the banana in a more fun way. The group decided that the image of a banana is quite playful and is often thought of as a sexual image to young children. It is also a bright, yellow object which to me is connected to joyfulness. The banana features in Andy Warhol’s work, Banana, created in 1966, screen print on styrene. Also, the banana Warhol created for ‘The Velvet Underground and Niko’ album cover.

We had one of the glass boxes to create our installation. The group decided to cut out bananas and paint them bright yellow and black, like Warhol’s banana, inspired by the pop art movement. We also looked at readymades and found images of cartoon bananas to print out. 16465919_10202906319094593_1361428400_o16466164_10202906319134594_1292802879_o

The group stuck the bananas on the walls and created ‘banana bunting’ which was strung all over the room.16466552_10202906319254597_919612718_o16466589_10202906319174595_285209937_o

The room was eventually filled with bananas which was inviting, I feel. I think the bright colours invited the class in, it wasn’t a serious piece of work like the previous presentation we created. There was no violence here, instead a playful atmosphere.


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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