Field Collaborative Project 2

The subject for field is light. To prepare us to collaborate with ceramics and designer maker, we will be split into groups in fine art to practice our group work skills using light. My group are planning on using an old projector to project an image onto the wall. The idea that keeps coming about is water. We are thinking of using water and oil to create an interesting bubble effect. We will place coloured gel sheets under the bowl to create a coloured back ground.

The photograph on the left shows the projection of the bowl with water and blue food colouring. The photograph on the right shows the bowl placed onto the projector with blue food colouring and oil. When the food colouring and oil was added, the projected image looked like this (shown below). 16805499_10202984880898589_501236662_o

I really liked this effect and think it looks almost like a portal in the wall, it is intriguing. The outcome would be different every time as the oil bubbles formed differently.

As a group we then remembered we have to use light to create a 3D sculpture. The water and oil looks 3D with the different forms and bubbles, however, to fit the criteria we thought it would be a good idea to use some form of 3D elements within the image.

We decided to use plinths to add a sculptural element and started to use coloured sheets to get coloured blocks. 16810222_10202984881058593_295836549_o

The plinths with coloured gels, water and oil. I think the sharpness of the plinths with the circles from the bowl just do not go together well and everything is thrown off. The colours look great and almost create a painting within the sculpture.

The coloured gels on the projector

As a group, we decided against using the water and just go with the coloured plinths. 16810196_10202984881178596_408430159_o


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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