Field Collaborative Project 2: Presenting to Class


When presenting our work to the class, we was asked if the tape annoyed us. At first, I said yes because it was making the work looks like a mess. However, when the class gave us feed back, they said that the coloured gels are lined up perfectly, which could represent the ‘perfect society’, the tape represents reality. No society can be perfect as there is so much trouble in the world and general problems. I never looked at the work in this way and found it interesting and inspiring that they found a meaning from the tape. Looking at it now, the work means something instead of being just an abstract light projection.

We payed attention to the criteria and used light and sculpture in the work.

The artists movement we were inspired by was De Stijl. De Stijl was a group of Dutch abstract artists who promoted a style of art based on strict geometry of verticals and horizontals.

Theo Van Doesburg

One artist that inspired the different coloured blocks was Theo Van Doesburg. I looked at his painting, Composition XX, created in 1920. The media used is oil on canvas. The blocks of colour with perfectly straight edges was the main aspiration of the sculpture my group was creating. The different squares and rectangles is very similar to the plinths and projection of light.

Composition XX (1920), Theo Van Doesburg 


Georges Vantongerloo


This is a sculpture based on the style of De Stijl and was created by Georges Vantongerloo. It is called, Composition from the Ovoid, 1918.This is interesting to me as it isn’t just a painting of structural blocks and lines, it’s an actual sculpture which reminds me a lot of how we have used the plinths to create a shape. The way one colour finishes as it reaches an edge and then a new colour carries on is what we have tried to do in our sculptural piece.


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