Field Workshops: Week 2

Today, there was 3 workshops the class took part in. The workshops were all to do with light.


The first workshop was with Shaun. We looked at many different artists who look at light and installation.

Then, I was able to have a go at playing with light to get different outcomes. I used water and a projector which created interesting outcomes.

The projector was able to show the water as water is clear, the outcomes looked like something from a science experiment.


The second workshop I did was with Chris. This workshop explored darkness and how darkness makes a person feel. We did a number of activities in the dark, drawing and writing how we felt/what we felt/ what we could see. We looked at using a candle to create a source of light, and using a millisecond flash of light to memorise what we saw. We also looked at a camera obscura which was very fascinating. Here are some of the outcomes of my work, I couldn’t see a thing so the outcomes are interesting.

This was the first task, it was very dark. I had to write down in the dark what I could see, feel and hear.
For this task, I had to draw what I could see. There were a lot of dark outlines but I could not see much detail at all. There was a fire exit sign lit up that was creating light to the right of the room but the left was in complete darkness.
For this task, there was a flash of light and we had to draw what we saw for that brief millisecond. My eyes were so adjusted to the darkness of the room that the flash of light didn’t really make any difference.
There was a candle lit in the middle of the room, I had to write down what it made me feel and what I could see. I also drew the candle as a reference of what I could see.


The third workshop was with Sue. This time we looked at shadows and light.It was based on, ‘In Praise of Shadows’, an essay on Japanese aesthetics, by the author and novelist, Jun’ichiro Tanizaki.

I used a view finder for this piece of work. There was a dark corner at the back of the canteen with a radiator block and a door. I focused on the shadows that I could see and left the highlighted areas white.
This was the second drawing of the door. I used my black biro pen and a yellow pastel to show the highlighted areas. I think the colours work well together and I like the messy scribbles and the cross hatching used for the shadows.

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BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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