Field: Shadow Play

During the Field module, I will be working in different labs and disciplines over four weeks.

Silhouetted Still Lives

The first lab workshop I have been inducted into is Silhouetted Still Lives. To begin, I have been put into groups where we will look at still lives and light using lamps and projectors.

The still life is shown above. My group and I played around with objects to put into the still life to create different shapes and shadows.

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We then drew over the shadows, and turned the page onto its side and upside down. We used pencils and charcoal, creating an outline on some shadows and blocking in shadows to create a contrast between shading and a simple outline of the shadow.

The final collage of shadows and outlines looks like this.


I really like the shapes in the collage and how some areas are very dark and some with just a simple line. It is difficult to tell what the shapes are but I think the shapes that they have made create a different, more intriguing shape.

The next step was to create a 3D collage based on the shadows collage. We wanted to take shapes from the collage and apply them to the 3D sculpture. 16804529_10202984885378701_897655904_o

We wanted to apply 3D elements that stood out to the viewer, but also get further away from the viewer. The image above was inspired by the stand on a microscope. The arches are layered to create depth. 16810510_10202984885258698_686982976_o

This was the end result of the collage. I like how spacious it is and how we have used parts of the drawings from the original collage. My favourite part of the collage is the circles inspired by the tape we used in the still life, I think the circles layered on top of each other look like a chain.


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BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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