Field: Silhouetted Still Lives

As we created the collage, the next step was to create a ceramic representation of it.

16810510_10202984885258698_686982976_oWe tried to create the elements of the microscope and the tape in clay form, the theme for our work was simply just still life. I think we have captured the still life in areas, such as the coiled arch and the circles. We created rectangles which was supposed to be the plug pronges. The little hut shaped was also meant to be the plug, but mimicking the shape of its shadow when projected. 16833032_10202984885578706_405247939_o


The finished piece is shown below.16810560_10202984885738710_72258409_o

There is a lot of overlapping on this piece to suggest the layering in the paper collage. The piece at the back which was made by adding lots of clay and pinching it together was meant to represent the light reflections throug the glass jars from the projector.

Personally, I dont think it fits well with the rest of the piece and think it looks quite messy. The whole piece of work is very cluttered and I feel, as a group, we did not portray the collage very well. We will make another piece of work that will hopefully show the collage in a more clearer way.

Second Clay Work

After researching Anne Gibbs and going back to the collage to look for inspiration, we are going to make something new. The aim is to capture some parts of the first piece, the parts we thought worked the best.

We will make the plug prongs, the tape and something that features coils as it best represents the microscope arch and layers going backwards on the collage.


The finished work is a massive improvment from the first piece. The items on the clay slab all represent something from the still life but have all evolved into a different shape/ object. I like the rings the most as the light can travel through them. The other idea was to make different shapes and sizes within the work which would create an interesting still life of shadows if we was to project light onto it.

To improve, I think the group could have made more shapes like the rings which allow light to be able to be apart of the piece more.


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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