Identity- shared with others, relying on sameness.

Identity and social media.

What does Facebook do? Connects people through visual creativity, sharing information, representation of self through selfies, we see what people choose to post.

my selfie

During the lesson, we was asked to take a selfie and upload it to this post to show that it is a representation of ourselves.

Group work: Consider what Lawler says about identity.

What do you think she means by:

  1. Binaries: organising society into a box, e.g. men, women, black, white. Binaries suggests power, men are seen to be more dominant than women. Labelled, fits into society. However, there are pros and cons of labelling people and categorising them into a certain ‘box’ of society, people fall into a certain category when they are more than that.
  2. Homosexual/ heterosexual: Gay. Men who are attracted to women, women who are attracted to men.

Life Cycle Identity

Baby- hard to tell gender of baby. Very gender specific colours on baby clothing to identify.

Elderly person- pigment comes from hair, skin gets darker, tend to look at an older person in a way where we don’t categorize someones gender because we see them as just an elderly person or group of elderly people.

Identity changes throughout life.

Baby- looks the same

Adult- identity of self

Elderly person- begin to look the same as other elderly people again

Gender is the main sorce of identity. Begins when babies are born, names are ‘gendered’.

Society is ordered into gender, eg. Public toilets.


  • Identity is not fixed, however, babies and elderly have sense of fixed identity
  • Identity is embodied
  • Identity is a way in which we ‘read’ and judge and know people
  • Sexually is mostly fixed
  • Gender is not fixed and is a cultural consruct


Hegemony-the dominant social position of men, and the subordinate social position of women.

Binary- the classification of sex and gender into two distinct, opposite and disconnected forms of masculine and feminine. Gender binary is one general type of a gender system.

Heternormativity- a belief that people fall into distinct and complementary genders (man and woman) with natural roles in life. It assumes that hetrosexuality is the ‘norm’.





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