Silhouetted Still Lives: Artist research

Ben Nicholson

While creating the drawings of silhouettes and shadows, there was a layering theme that looked very abstract. When creating the 3D collage, myself and my group looked at the artist Ben Nicholson. The work looked very much like his still lives which was interesting to see.

Our paper collage and 3D collage is shown below.

1945 (Still Life), Ben Nicholson, oil on canvas with graphite

The still life by Ben Nicholson called ‘1945 (still life)’, 1945, has similarities to our collage as there are elements of layering, it’s very spacious and abstract in places. The darker colours help define the objects that are grouped together, the colours are quite subtle but has areas of brighter colour like red and yellow. I really like small amounts of colour and would like to experiment with this task again to add colour to the collage.

Anne Gibbs

The 3D collage we made as a follow-up from the paper collage was very spacious, but everything had a relevance. When making a clay version of the 3D collage we made a very clustered work which did not represent the work in our collage.16810560_10202984885738710_72258409_o

We decided to downsize some of the forms from the larger clay sculpture. We took elements from the first clay work and collage which we thought worked best.16810183_10202984885858713_1755343778_o

My group was told about the artist, Anne Gibbs. This was the inspiration for the work shown above.



Anne Gibbs visited Philadelphia and St. Fagan, this was the inspiration for the work above.

The work is very spacious and small, everything seems to have a place and the colours compliment each other very well. I think there are similarities in Gibbs’ work and our sculpture as they both have the simple slab of clay to  hold the sculptures and everything is neatly placed.



Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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