Field Lab Workshop: Light and Colour

This lab workshop looks at colours and how they are made. First of all we looked at primary colours, what happens when you mix primary colours together and complimentary colours. We then mixed together a primary colour with it’s complimentary  colour using acrylic paints to create a new colour. Lastly, we mixed all three primary colours, red, blue and yellow together to create a dark, almost black colour. We will mix the colours together with binder to screen print with later.



To create our screen print, in a group of 3, we made shapes and cut them out using scalpels and scissors. These will be layed out and exposed to our screen. Here are some examples of the shapes we cut out. 16931091_10202999798471519_1001952354_o

Screen Print

After we had prepared our screen with emulsion and it had dried, we exposed the shapes onto it. We decided to go with a circular theme in our work. Here are the screens before being exposed.

They were exposed for 2 minutes, washed out and then pre exposed for 3 minutes.

Once exposed, we used tape to tape up the areas on the mesh that were not hardened by the emulsion and to neaten up any areas that were exposed. 16930794_10202999797911505_559488681_o

Here are some of our paints ready to print with. 16930432_10202999797991507_1541146261_o

The 2 screens were used, we would print the one design onto coloured paper and then print the second screen onto it once it was dry.


I like the spiral wheels as they remind me of fireworks, however, I dont like the circles and lines and square of circles as I dont think it works very well together.

If I were to do this workshop again, I would think hard about the way we could display the shapes and make them much more delicate and less blocky.


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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