Final Outcomes of Light is Colour

As a final piece of work we had to work in our groups to create a piece using the skills we had developed over the past week.

My group decided to go off as individuals and create a sculpture based on landscapes. I wanted to use the circles in our print and create something that could spin that would also link with the landscape theme. I decided to create a ferris wheel/ London Eye based sculpture. 16931157_10203006465958202_1774403539_o

I used the prints and straws to hold the wheel together. It half spins as it has straws stopping the wheels from doing a full spin. When we came in and put the work together it worked a lot better than I expected. 17356930_10203091790331258_1507251169_o

My ferris wheel and Llio’s lattice sculpture fits together well as a city scape. The triangle sculpture in the background is also Llio’s and the triangle origami blocks are Kirsty’s. We decided that the pyramid shapes were the ‘mountains’ and the wheel and the building type lattice is the cityscape.

I think a landscape/ cityscape made from paper is definitely something continuing working on. If we were to have more time it would be interesting to see a more polished, thought out landscape.


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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