Field Workshop 3:Illuminate

For this workshop, I will be making a triptych and put into groups of about 6. We will be making a 20 second video which will make up the middle part of the triptych. After making the middle part of the triptych, we will then pass the video on to a new group who will make the first part, and then pass the first part on to a new group to make the last part. To do this, the class folded paper into three and drew a head. Then pass the paper around without showing anyone and draw a body and then legs. Here are some of the results. 17035764_10203020822917117_1047028677_o

My group decided to look at natural light, using the sky. We liked the thought of using the sky to create a piece as the colour changes within seconds and the clouds are always moving which creates different light and shadows in the sky. We all went away and created videos using our phones of the sky. Then, layering the videos onto of each other using an app called Fused created the final video.

I think the colours look really good in the video and it all looks very grey and bleak. I think the layering works well because the clouds move slowly over the trees. The drop at the end wasn’t intentional but I think it adds a sense that something is about to happen. The audio let us down as the layering of videos made it stagger.

Overall, I am pleased with the end result as we have worked well as a group and achieved what we wanted to do, layer the videos and create a natural light piece.


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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