Illuminate: Part 3 of the triptych

This time we was working off the first part of the triptych whilst still referencing the video too. The video we had to work from is shown below.

The first part of the triptych shows a typical art students desk.17036843_728295120666060_1155299407_o

We understood from the triptych so far that it was like a journey. The desk shows how our lives are now and the video shows the art school and the different disciplines that we travel around to everyday. We was thinking of fast forwarding time for the last triptych and doing a desk that resembles our lives 10 years down the line.


We tried to make it look professional and like an office. The little details show that its a few years down the line, such as post it notes with details of the life of the person, such as ‘meetings, appointments’, theres a professional looking blazer on a chair, neatly stacked sketchbooks. We showed that this was from the same persons desk that went to art school by framing the first part of the triptych, there was an easel with a canvas and some craft books. The video was shown on the laptop.

Displaying the two parts of the triptych in the final part installation worked really well I think as you can get a sense of time fast forwarded and you can understand that this is now a professional work place.

If we was to improve and have more time, we could make a desk tailored to each person in the group and make our ambitions and goals present in a desk instead of having one collective, very neatly organised desk which probably won’t be the direction in which some of us will go in the future.


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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