Field: Pin Hole Camera Artist Research

Nancy Breslin

Nancy Breslin is an artist who lives in Washington DC who specialises in photographs taken using pinhole and plastic cameras. I am looking at her pinhole series, Squaremeals: A Pinhole Diary of Eating Out. Below is a video where Breslin talks about the project.

The pinhole images are very clear and exposed perfectly. I especially like how objects are very clear but the people in the images are blurred and like ghosts as they have moved whilst the photo was being exposed. I think the whole idea of taking a pinhole image whilst eating out in different countries is an interesting way of documenting that memory.

The different exposure times create different images, the image on the left was exposed for 2 minutes. The person is very blurry. The image in the top right corner was exposed for 20 seconds. The facial features can be more recognised. The photo in the bottom right corner was exposed for 2 seconds. The face is barely blurred.

This kind of work is what I would like to achieve through using the pin hole camera as it is very crisp and documents the moment through time as the longer it is exposed the more distorted the image is.


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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