Field: Pin Hole Camera

For this field project we have to make pin hole camera in groups. I decided to make a camera out of a mini Pringles tub. As the inside is silver, like a tin, I had to paint it black. I used acrylic paint to do this.


I painted the lid black as it was clear, however, I didn’t think this was going to block out the light enough so I added cardboard onto of the black lid. I know that cardboard is thought to be too thin and light can be absorbed through it but I painted the lid black and cardboard black and stuck them together.

Once the paint had dried, I used a pin and pushed a hole through the lid to create a tiny hole that would expose the image onto the photographic exposure paper.

I exposed the image for 30 seconds and developed the paper, however, nothing happened and we were just left with white photograph paper. We tried to expose the image outside and inside but nothing worked. I think the cardboard and clear lid painted black was still too thin and let in too much light.

The photograph paper in developer solution, and the rest of the solutions such as fixer are shown in the background.

This pin hole camera did not work but if I was to do this workshop again I would use a plastic tube or a tin of beans for example. I think this would block out light and hopefully expose an image. I have not enjoyed this project as I am impatient, the process didn’t excite me and in the end the camera did not work which was disappointing.

The results: 17311447_10203091781851046_2081196522_o

I think I used the wrong photographic paper. The results are interesting though as it has turned pink and has a marble effect.

We then had to use an app called Aurasma and Augment to make an augmented reality image using our pin hole images. I did not have a final augmented reality video clip as there is nothing on my pinhole images to augment.


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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