Individual Field Final Piece

My individual field piece was inspired by Frank Stella’s work. I really enjoyed the Light is Colour workshop as the process of screen printing was really fun and I found this workshop gave me the best results in my final pieces. I also found it interesting to explore the properties of paper and create sculptures, something I’ve not thought to do with paper.

I was intrigued by Frank Stella’s work, Shoubeegi (1978), as I liked the controlled messiness. The bright colours and shapes that spill into the viewers space when looking at the piece is something that made me want to create something similar to this. Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 20.23.49

Screen Print

To begin, I cut out shapes and exposed them on a silk screen for 2 minutes.


I printed a couple of colours but will also use acrylic paint to add more colours and patterns on the shapes.


The prints came out ok, however, some areas of the shapes did not print. ‘Shoubeegi’ has lots of swirly shapes and a lot of soft rounded edges, I wanted to keep these kind of shapes in my piece. ‘Shoubeegi’ is made from enamel, metal and glitter, but I will create the majority of the piece using paper. I am going to use a metal mesh to glue and weave the paper shapes onto.

I planned out an idea of how I was going to arrange the shapes, I’m not sure if I will go with this type of plan but I think it will look something like this.17521802_10203124747035155_391084294_o

The Final Piece

To create the final piece, I used a hot glue gun to stick the shapes down to the metal mesh. I wanted to use the metal mesh to create the work as not only does it feature in Shoubeegi, it works with the shapes and allows light to pass through in a great way.

I added acrylic paint to layer paint up and create many different bright colours. The smaller details were also painted on.


I think the overall piece is similar to Shoubeegi, maybe too similar. However, I have added my own input and changed the direction of shapes. I wanted to do something else with the piece and so decided to weave paper into the metal. The paper is weaved and in places mimics the swirls of the shapes.

Overall I am pleased with the final outcome as it doesn’t look like a complete mess and has a structural finish.  The colours clash, but also compliment each other in an unusual way. I like the added areas of weaving because it brings another way using paper into the work. I think the piece handles light well too, the mesh is open and allows light to pass through, the shapes catch light as there are so many and create interesting shadows.

If I was to improve, I would definitely try to make the piece more of my own instead of constantly looking at Stella’s work for inspiration. I would also like to work bigger and attempt to make a structure made completely out of paper.


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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