Meeting a homeless person

While in Cardiff recently, I saw a young homeless woman asking people for spare change. It was not a surprise to see people walking past ignoring her, I have done exactly that before. I decided to buy her a burger from McDonalds and approach her to explain my project and if I could talk to her. She didn’t want a photo taken or her name taken and I respected that. I spoke to her about her feelings and thoughts, words like unwanted, useless, scared and helpless came up a few times. I am going to use this to help me create work and look at how the homeless are feeling.

The Huggard centre have a list of statistics and facts on their page about their clients. This has helped me understand why people are homeless and what types of backgrounds they have came from. (

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 18.15.18

The Homeless Link also has information about the causes of homelessness. The Homeless Link work with people who have became homeless in England. (

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 18.13.27

There are fairly similar causes of why people are homeless shown by The Homeless Link, and the reasons why the clients at The Huggard Centre are homeless.


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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