This is not an essay: Short writing course

Describe (1/ 4)

To start, the class was given a print out of an artwork. I had to describe the artwork as best as we could for someone else to draw.

I found describing the image very hard and couldn’t get my words down on the paper in a way that someone could draw. I found after 10 minutes I was done describing the artwork and had to go back over the artwork again and again to try and describe in more depth.

Once finished describing, I had to pass the description on to somebody who had not seen the artwork for them to draw what I had wrote about. Once they had finished, I passed my artwork onto someone else to draw.

I had to do the same from someones description. This was the hardest task, drawing from a list of words describing an artwork I had never seen. I did not know where to start and many questions crossed my mind about the artwork making me worry I had drawn the description completely wrong.

In the afternoon, I had to review my description and write it again, using a different coloured pen for each word. This seemed a silly task because it took twice as long to write the description. I also found it difficult to write more about my artwork. Using the different coloured pens did however make me think more about what I was writing.




Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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