Homeless: Outside Inside

Previously, I created this painting inspired by Frida Kahlo which shows myself with a part of brain showing with thoughts/ feelings linked to a colour of string which indicates the colour I thought resembles the feeling, e.g. blue for sad, yellow for happy. img_0917

I wanted to use this idea of colours representing a feeling again, but in a slightly different way.


I created these pieces of folded cardboard that look rather distressed and worn to resemble a homeless persons bed. I used coloured thread to indicate different things homeless people feel and different factors in their life, I especially looked at the conversation with the homeless girl I had and what she told me to help with these pieces.  I looked at the painting with the different coloured thread to the different feeling for reference when choosing the colours.

Black represents depression, purple represents anxiety, blue represents sadness. The brown colour represents fear, the green/ brown colour is meant to be drugs. I researched what colour the new street drug, Spice was and it was this kind of colour, this is to show the over use of the drug and the impact it has on their life. The red symbolises family. Notice how the string is cut off and fraying, this was done purposely to show that the family life is broken. This is a main factor of why people are homeless.


I think this piece of work shows what I wanted to portray. The texture is rough and symbolises how the homeless people sleep rough. The colours are a subtle way of showing how homeless people feel and factors that make their life. The way the thread is wrapped around the cardboard shows that the problems thoughts/ problems are always in their life.

The message could be clearer but I am trying to work on not being so literal with my project outcomes. I also think the thread could look much more distressed to further show that it symbolises a homeless persons life. I could use more material to indicate that this is about homelessness.




Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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