Short Writing Course (3/4)

The first task on day three was something called, ‘Six Degrees of Separation’.

We were given 2 images, a starting image and an end image and hd to find atleast 4 connections between the 2 images that linked them together.


The first image I found difficult to connect to the artwork. I came up with  picture 1 > squares > darkness > moonlight > picture 2.

The second artwork I found easier to describe. I came up with picture 1 > trees > nature > nature V manmade > plastic > picture 2.

The third image had to be connected with my own artwork. Picture 1 > portrait > paint > life drawing > my own artwork.

The fourth artwork had to be connected to myself. Picture 1 > house > family > warmth > me.

Task 2

The second task was to describe an artwork I had seen in the last 12 months.

I chose to describe Bedwyr Williams, Tyrau Mawr (Big Towers), 2016 from the Artes Mundi exhibition. I found the basic descriptions fairly easy to write down but going in to depth was hard.

The next task was to draw the artwork from memory. Again, I was able to draw the basic things I saw when looking at this artwork but when it came to the details, I could hardly remember anything.

This was the artwork. It is a video installation showing what Wales would look like as a city like New York and how William’s thinks we wouldn’t be able to cope. screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-17-48-54

In the afternoon, we had to look at the artwork and talk about what we had missed.

This task showed me how much I hadn’t drawn/ wrote down, I was surprised by this when I looked back to the image of the artwork.

Short Writing Course (4/4)

Unfortunately, I could not attend the last session of the short writing course due to illness.


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BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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