Field Final Piece Re-do

When I created my previous field final piece, I felt it was too similar to Frank Stella’s piece, Shoubeegi.

I wanted to put my own touch on the piece. I decided to use fabric and the same metal grid used for the first final piece. I was going to use black and white to completely strip the colour from the piece.

I decided against this because the black and white wouldn’t stand out enough. I have contact to a Ugandan artist who sent me African fabric from stalls and material he had printed at university. I didn’t have a use for this material and so decided to use it on my field final piece. The materials are very beautiful and colourful and use the technique of batique and print. I plaited and twisted the material and tied it to the grid. The fabric was much better to work with than the paper because the material flowed with the design and doesn’t look just stuck on.



I have decided to call the piece, Twezuule. This is the Ugandan word for expressing yourself in an artistic way. The word fits with my piece as the fabric is twisted and plaited around, the word sounds like ‘twisted’ too, kind of. I’m also expressing myself through using the material from my friend, I struggled in the last piece as I made a piece very symmetrical to Stella’s work.



Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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