Assessment and Exhibition Set Up

Here are photographs to document my work up in its exhibition space. I think the space is just right for my subject work as there are a lot of paintings all different sizes and shapes and the sculpture is a life size piece, taking up the full length of the board. I have nailed the paintings in at a slight angle to show that the message is not portraying a perfect life, like a homeless persons. The arrangement of the paintings has worked out well I think and the amount of paintings I created was just right.

The sculpture looks out of place in my opinion, I’m not sure about it. I added cardboard on the floor around the sculpture to make it look more natural. The two subject pieces tie together well as they are both made out of cardboard, linking them both together in a suitable way.


The field final piece is very small on a very large wall which in a way overpowers it in my opinion. The white wall brings out the colours in the fabric which does the piece justice. IMG_0746

Theres quite a diversity in the 3 pieces which is why I’m glad I had the 2 walls to divide subject and field.

It looks professional and how I imagined it. I also loved setting the exhibition up as it was a great atmosphere in the studio, people helped each other and we all wanted to get everyones work up to the best standard.


Author: emiliasfineartblog

BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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