Cut and Paste week 2: Tuesday


Fanzines emerged in the 1950’s and are based on one specific topic. For example, a magazine could look at music in general, however, a fanzine might look at one genre of music such as jazz.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 18.24.36.png
An example of fanzines

Postal Task

The task for this week is to create a fanzine using one piece of paper, and collage on the pages. The collage I created in my fanzine was random, as I will now post it to my partner in the class to collage on top of my artwork. We will post our fanzines back to the person who created them and won’t open them until the next field lesson. This is a fun collaborative task to get to know people from other disciplines in art.

Subject Fanzine

I then created a larger fanzine that will be based on my subject work. Here is the beginning of my fanzine. As the fanzine will be based on my work from subject, I will be using the shapes of the body and how mark making could create a body like shape. This could be created by using frottage. I will also incorporate maternal bonds in the fanzine by looking at the relationship between mother and daughter.24167529_10204139679927843_1749930675_o


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BA (Hons) Fine Art Student studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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