Assessment and Exhibition Set Up

Here are photographs to document my work up in its exhibition space. I think the space is just right for my subject work as there are a lot of paintings all different sizes and shapes and the sculpture is a life size piece, taking up the full length of the board. I have nailed the paintings in at a slight angle to show that the message is not portraying a perfect life, like a homeless persons. The arrangement of the paintings has worked out well I think and the amount of paintings I created was just right.

The sculpture looks out of place in my opinion, I’m not sure about it. I added cardboard on the floor around the sculpture to make it look more natural. The two subject pieces tie together well as they are both made out of cardboard, linking them both together in a suitable way.


The field final piece is very small on a very large wall which in a way overpowers it in my opinion. The white wall brings out the colours in the fabric which does the piece justice. IMG_0746

Theres quite a diversity in the 3 pieces which is why I’m glad I had the 2 walls to divide subject and field.

It looks professional and how I imagined it. I also loved setting the exhibition up as it was a great atmosphere in the studio, people helped each other and we all wanted to get everyones work up to the best standard.

Outside Inside Final Piece 2

The second final piece was inspired by Maxwell Rushton’s piece, Left Out. He created a sculpture to see publics reactions, if people would try to help the sculpture or just walk past like people do to the homeless.

I decided I was going to make a sculpture based on a homeless person using cardboard. The cardboard is reference to the homeless using cardboard to sit/ lie on. The ‘person’ is made from plastic bags which are filled with newspaper. I draped cardboard on top to blend the sculpture into the cardboard the sculpture is lying on. This is implying that the homeless person is part of the cardboard, like they are invisible. The studio floors are a light brown colour so I’m hoping the cardboard blends into the floor even more.


A Key Moment In My Work

The key moment in my work, I feel was the Field project, Illuminated. Illuminated focused on creating installations and making triptychs. I was put into a group where 2 groups had created the first part of the triptych and middle, my group had to make the last part of the triptych.

First part of the triptych. Second part below in video.

We understood that this was like a journey through art college, so we decided to create a professional looking desk, how life could be 10 years from now.


I really enjoyed creating this installation and think this is one of my strongest works I’ve made throughout the year, I feel I was my most confident creating this work. As there was many different disciplines in the group everyone applied different ideas and created a professional looking installation. This has definitely made me interested in creating more installations in the future.

Failed Outcome of Work

The piece of work that sticks out in my mind when thinking about an outcome that has failed is the pinhole camera project from field.

I created the pinhole camera in a way that I was told would work. I used a pringles container and painted the inside with black acrylic paint, this was to stop the light reflecting around the foil inside. I painted the clear lid black and put a black piece of cardboard in the lid to stop any light being able to pass through.

Then I added the pin hole in the lid and used photographic paper from the dark room.

I went outside and used the camera, exposing the paper inside for 30 seconds, then developed the paper and nothing happened. I also tried the camera inside for different amounts of exposure time but still, nothing happened. 17311447_10203091781851046_2081196522_o

The pink paper and brown marbled effect are pretty and definitely different from everybody else but not the outcome I expected or wanted. Maybe I used the wrong paper?

Colour is Light- Field

The field project that influenced my field final piece was Colour is Light. In this project, I was taught about colour theories and how to create a paper sculpture using silk screen prints. I love printing and how quickly I can create artwork using the technique.


My final piece

This was my first final piece. I think the prints look good on the metal grid and the bits of paper weaved around the grid makes my own stamp on the work. However, I do think it looks very similar to Frank Stella’s, Shoubeegi.

I decided to create the work again using African fabric from an artist I know in Uganda. I imitate the swirls, bright colour and controlled messiness in Shoubeegi but have put my own touch by using material instead of paper and plaiting, twisting and tying the fabric on the grid. The printed part of this workshop has carried on in this piece as I have used printed fabric from Africa. 18927344_10203438344234889_208022325_o