Final Piece 1- Outside Inside

My first final piece was inspired by Ed Ruscha and his series Metro Mattresses, 2015.

I decided to paint on cardboard as lots of the homeless use it to sleep on. After I spoke to the homeless woman in Cardiff, I came away with more knowledge of how she felt, unwanted was one of the words that she mentioned a few times.

I decided to look at unwanted, abandoned furniture to show symbolise the homeless. I wanted to specifically look at household furniture because it fits more with being ‘unwanted’ in the home with family. The furniture I found was on days of snow, sun and rain. I think this emphasises the typical days of weather a homeless person has to endure. I especially wanted household furniture to further imply that they don’t have a home or family.


I have 4 larger paintings, with larger furniture painted on the the larger pieces of cardboard and 3 smaller paintings of smaller furniture painted on smaller pieces of cardboard.

Sculpture Development

Below are some photographs to show the making of my sculpture. IMG_0646

I started with plastic bags and filled them with newspaper. Then, I wrapped them in brown paper and stuck them to a large piece of cardboard.

I made the torso out of a piece of cardboard. The head is made of a balloon as I am going to use PVA and pop the balloon when it dries to make a hood.IMG_0695 (1)

I PVA’d the sculpture to make it hard.


This is the final piece complete. I am pleased with how it has turned out and think it looks like a person is lying down. The ‘person’ has blended into the cardboard like I wanted it to but still looks like a person.

I hope people will understand that I am trying to highlight homelessness in the piece and understand that it is to show the person is blending like they are invisible. It will be interesting to see how people respond to this piece because it will be in an exhibition. I wonder if people would respond differently if the sculpture was out on the street?IMG_0718